Collective Kitchen

This program offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to get together to enhance their skills in planning and cooking nutritious meals for their families on a budget. Each program is held in 2 sessions: a planning session and a cooking session.

This program is supported in the following areas:

How will this program benefit me and my family?

In a small group format, participants will learn how to plan and cook nutritious meals based on the Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. Participants get to take the prepared meals home to their families.

What can I Expect?

  • During the planning session, participants will go through local grocery flyers, according to what’s on sale, participants will work together to choose 4-5 healthy recipes. Participants will create a grocery list around a specific budget provided by Our Children, Our Future. Shopping tasks will be divided within the group.
  • During the program, children are playing in a high quality learning environment with trained support staff. **Because of safety concerns, during the cooking session children are required to be in the childcare area at all times.
  • During the cooking session which is usually held a few days later, participants come together to prepare & cook the meals decided on.
  • Gain more knowledge on how to increase the nutritional quality of meals and how to reduce the costs by maximizing the budget.
  • The planning and cooking sessions will be facilitated with the guidance of a staff and/or a trained volunteer.
  • The opportunity to get out of the house and meet new people.
  • Gain more knowledge on how to read food label information.
  • Participate in discussion and experience-sharing.
  • The opportunity to learn new recipes.
  • To apply safe food handling practices.
  • To improve planning and cooking skills.
  • Healthy snacks & refreshments are provided.
  • Transportation may be provided.

What do you like about the Collective Kitchen Program?

I had a great time. The ladies were very pleasant. We worked very well as a team and were very productive. I also learned how to make a dish I never prepared before.

My family benefited from this program as we now have 4 healthy/hearty delicious meals that are fully prepared.

- Kathy L. - 1st C.K

I love getting together with a group of people and sharing our cooking and preparation experiences. It’s nice and relaxing to be among others while cooking. Meet new people. Use new recipes. I learn from other people in the class how they prepare or cook food, as well as look through recipe books I may have never looked through on my own.

The benefit of this program is the time in the kitchen with friends, ready-made meals for days when there is no time to cook and learning new things.

- Jessie Y. – 5th C.K.

This is my second experience. I totally love this program, because I learn new healthy recipes, meet new people and have a parent break. It also really helps with suppers already being cooked for less time and helps with our money issues. I strongly think we should have more programs like this.

- Mandee - 2nd C.K.