Carrefour Options+

Carrefour Options+ is a Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario (CSCNO) secondary school and alternative educational centre that also provides adult literacy and basic training services.

In an effort to meet the diverse needs of its student body, Carrefour Options+ has been providing a new child care service for close to three years. Through a partnership with Our Children, Our Future, this important service is available at Carrefour Options+, located at 1311 Gemmell Street in Sudbury.

The school benefits from an operational structure that differs from other (CSCNO) schools. Offering a flexible schedule, Carrefour Options+ makes it possible for teenagers and adults to pursue self-directed studies while taking advantage of the available support and guidance of a dedicated teaching staff.

With the support of Our Children, Our Future, our young mothers and fathers are now able to take part in parent-child programs within the premises of Carrefour Options+.


“Since its launch, this child care service has proven very useful, enabling learners to continue to pursue their learning program and training knowing that their child is close by in a safe environment,” stated Mr. Jean-Pierre Durette, Carrefour Options+ Principal. “By offering this service, Carrefour Options+ broadened the range of its existing programs and services, and continues to support its learners in their studies.”