Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Triple P is for every parent, whether you have a specific problem, or are just looking for advice on common, everyday issues. It provides easy to use tips and new ideas that will help you build confidence and new skills.

This program is supported in the following areas:

How will this program benefit me and my family?

While Triple P is almost always successful in improving child behaviour problems, more than half the program's emphasis is on developing positive attitudes, skills and behaviour. This helps prevents problems from arising, and promotes family relationships that encourage children to reach their full potential.

What can I Expect?

Triple P is really a whole “system” of support for parents because it is designed to offer as much or as little help as parents may want. From reading a Tip Sheet on a particular problem, to attending a Seminar or Group Course, or taking individual sessions to address more serious issues, Triple P offers a program tailored for each parent.

Looking for support or services? Click here to find the Triple P Program that’s best suited to you or call and talk to a Parent Resource Worker at one of the site locations and they will be able to assist in helping you to register for a Triple P session.

Triple P of Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts is a partnership of children’s health, education and social services providers working together to offer Sudbury and Manitoulin District families high quality parenting programs and individualized support and advice.

* The word “parent” referred to in relation to Triple P is used to refer to any person who is a biological parent, adoptive parent, guardian, caregiver, or who is otherwise acting in a parental role in respect of a person who is a minor or adolescent.