Emergency Food Program

Through our Emergency Food Program we ensure healthy food is available in all of our programs. Dollars raised go directly to feeding young children and their families. Our Children, Our Future works directly with families by offering training and education to help them in securing long term access to food and healthy meals.
All donations received through our Infant Food Cupboard and Emergency Food Program will be invested in:
  • Emergency supports through our Infant Food Cupboard for milk, infant formula and diapers.
  • Families with young children who have fallen through the cracks by providing them with adequate nutrition until their situation improves.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs (Good Food Bags) that is provided to our expectant moms in our Creating Healthy Babies Program and our young families enrolled in our Steps and Stages Program.
  • Warm meals and healthy food in our programs (Playgroups, discussion groups and family suppers).

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